Thursday, 21 April 2011

Using WSOs To Build Your List

Warrior Special Offer
We all know that ‘the money is in the list’ but actually building your list can be a struggle, especially if you are new to internet marketing. So how would you like to start building your list TODAY? I’m being serious here. Follow the article below and you’ll be on your way to creating what is probably the single most valuable asset an internet marketer can have.

The method I’m about to detail involves creating a WSO (a Warrior Special Offer)…
What is a WSO?
The Warrior Special Offer Forum is a special section of the Warrior forum, an online community for internet marketers, where you can post what are effectively paid ads. The only thing to bear in mind is that your offer must be better or cheaper than that is available to the general public.

Using WSOs to build your list.
Step 1: Create a product of value. You’re going to give this away to people who join your list. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but make sure it is something other internet marketers will want and that it has a catchy title.

Step 2: Create your squeeze page. This is where people will subscribe to your list, and ideally it should have graphics. Sell your product to people as though they are going to be paying for it.

Step 3: Create an upsell. It costs money to post a WSO ($20) but it’s well worth it, and if you stick an upsell behind your offer you’ll make money AND build your list.

Step 4: Post your WSO. Link to your squeeze page and make sure people know it is a freebie. Again sell your offer as though it is paid…

That’s it! Using WSOs to build your list is one of the most effective things you can do online. Get it right and you should see opt-ins coming in within minutes of posting your offer.

Why is it so effective?
Quite simply the Warrior forum gets THOUSANDS of visitors every day and they are all highly targeted ones too. Using WSOs to build your list can kick start your efforts in an instant. Try it and you’ll be hooked.

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