Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Article Writing/Submission

Difficulty: Easy
Cost To Use/Implement: Free
Time & Effort Involved: 10-60 Minutes
Ways To Use/Implement: Several

Hmm, more writing?!? Yep, you guessed it. But this, again, isn't very difficult to do. In fact, it can be easier than idea #1 since you only need to write up a 300-500 word article that showcases a particular product you are an affiliate of(see Money Making Idea #1). Or, if you really want to pull in the cash, try writing up some articles about something YOU have created yourself.

B-u-u-u-T, if you really want to make some great profits, then how about writing up a collection of, say, 10 articles and selling them? That's a great way to make some quick loot. And, to prove it works, have you seen all those "PLR Article Packages"?

Yeah, they include Private Label Rights so that people who purchase them can add their name as the author and change up the content to fit their needs, but the point here is that they SELL, and sell WELL. Keep that in mind. Now, does that mean that once you sell these articles you can no longer use them for your own web sites or articles? No Way! You can STILL use them. But a bit of advice, change up the articles by adding NEW content to them so they are different from the ones you sold. You'll have better luck with them as far as selling something through posting the aritcles go.

Even though you can also make money by giving your articles away for others to use in a packaged set, like some other free membership sites do. Which is another fantastic idea that has more than just one benefit, such as, building your own mailing list of perspective buyers, using the "upsell" to get your current members to purchase your other goods from you, and so on. These free types of memberships are great for using Money Making Idea #8 too!

All right, now you know the approximate length the article should be, but what about format? Meaning what should the article look like when it's finished?

The main thing is for the article to flow in a logical way. In other words, it should make sense to the reader and not jump all over the place. It should have a POINT and lead your readers to take a specific ACTION.

Oh, and of course it should be in the classic: Beginning, Middle, End, format. And ALWAYS remember to include a 'Resource Box'. Here's a quick example of a resource box for you to use in your articles:

About The Author

John Doe is an accredited writer and has been associated with several online publications including www.anysite.com, www.anysite.com, and www.anysite.com . He has also begun an extensive free training program for aspiring writers at his own website located at: www.yoursite.com that all writers are encouraged to sign up for as placement into this free program is limited. John can be contacted anytime at his personal email address: johndoe@anyemail.com .

Lastly, what should you write about? Here's the easy answer, pay attention, because it's so simple, you just may miss it. . . .


Yes. You can effectively write an article on any subject you like, so long as it fits in your scheme of subject matter you are specializing in. Although, you can also 'break the mold' and write on an entire different subject matter each and every time you write up your own articles. Nothing about making money online is ever set in stone and you can always go in a different direction. This is what is called 'carving out niches'. And many people do well by leaving the creative door open, so to speak. But, you should always KNOW what you are writing about if you ever want other people to take you seriously as an "authority" on it.

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